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Welcome to TalentFreeFlow (TFF)

Built on the foundation of pioneering change movements TFF aims to be a force for fostering adventure, entrepreneurship and self-reliance of the individual in the global community building upon their portfolio of capabilities and skills and ensuring their collaboration and inclusion within the greater whole.

Business Members and individual talent can select from a diverse portfolio of in-house projects to take part in. One such project is TFF Cultural Crossroads Bahrain (CCB) that brings together professional trainers from Tribe of Doris Festival UK with regional emerging talent in an interactive showcase and exchange of art & culture.

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10 / 12

Pop Up Art – Middle East

Pop in to Pop-Up Art and invest in the future of Middle Eastern art.

12 / 05

Raising private sector awareness of the value of MENA contemporary art and design as an alternative investment.

05 / 12

TalentFreeFlow Ltd. PR Partners and co-exhibitors of BIDW 2013.

15 / 05

Supporting the empowerment and growth of 40 women annually.


Leon Foxwings is an upcoming artist and illustrator with a strong background in print design.


K-OTIK is an exceptionally gifted Disc Jockey (DJ) with more than six years experience in running mobile events; working clubs & lounges.

Philippines / Bahrain

Jess is multifaceted in his portrayal of art and use of craft and mixed media.