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Welcome to TalentFreeFlow

TalentFreeFlow Ltd. (TFF) is a unique establishment acting both as a mentor and representative to a multidisciplinary consortium of creative talent, from fine artists to certified yoga instructors.

We support creative talent and we do this by inviting businesses/corporations to work with us on projects that support both their employees and creative talent in the region. Through our offer of bespoke Policy & Strategy Consulting, CSR workshops/programmes, staff training and PR, businesses get to co-create highly-visible innovative and creative projects that give back to the community.

TFF are currently developing sponsor opportunities, such as Cultural Crossroads Bahrain, whereby an interactive showcase of global professional and emerging talent will be co-produced together with TFF Affiliate partners, Tribe of Doris Festival, UK.

15 / 05

Supporting the empowerment and growth of 40 women annually.

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TalentFreeFlow Ltd. PR Partners and co-exhibitors of BIDW 2013.


Certified Yoga Teacher since 2011 with a Bachelor in Accounting and Finance, wife and mother.

Lebanon / Italy / Bahrain

Natalie is the quintessential cosmetic artist of our times, applying an acute perspective on beauty through her skillsets in medicine, therapy and artistry.


The AYCM vision is to be able to enjoy a stable climate similar to which our parents and grandparents enjoyed.